Divers and Diver Profiles

    This article explains how the concept of divers work in Apnealizer

    All dives belong to a diver. When you download new dives (from your dive computer or an import file) they will normally be tagged with the default diver. Every instance of Apnealizer has a default diver which represents the main user of the app.

    divers on the sidebar

    The default diver is marked with the black icon on the sidebar. Divers with a grey icon are guest divers meaning any other imported diver that is not the default diver.

    If you are downloading dives for a friend then it is easy to create a new diver that you can tag the newly downloaded the dives to.

    Diver profiles

    When you import dives form other users, you will also import the diver profiles that belong to those dives. Other peoples dives will therefore never interfere with your own dives.

    divers on the sidebar

    To inspect a diver profile just double click on a diver in the left sidebar. A diver profile contains a the diver name and an optional email field. Both the name and email field can be changed at any time.

    Delete a diver profile

    It’s possible to delete diver profiles that do not have any dives associated to them. If you want to delete a dive profile that is associated to dives, then you must first delete those dives or change diver for those dives. Both of these actions will be described bellow.

    To delete a diver not associated to any dives:

    • Double click on the diver you want to delete so that that the “Diver Information” dialog opens.
    • Click on the “Delete Diver Now” button.

    If you don’t see the “Delete Diver Now” button, then you are have selected the default diver or the diver still has dives associated to it.

    It is not possible to delete the default diver.

    Create a new diver profile

    If you want to create a new diver do the following:

    • On the left sidebar press the plus (+) button on the Divers heading.
    • Fill in the name and optionally email of the diver
    • Click on the button “Create Diver”

    Change diver for dives

    If you want to associate a diver to certain dives, do the following:

    • Select the dives that you want to set a diver to.
    • Right-click to bring up the context menu.
    • Select “Set Diver
    • Select the diver you want to use in the dialog box.
    • Click on the OK button to confirm your choice.

    Download dives to another diver

    If you are downloading dives for a friend and you do NOT want to associate those dives with YOUR (default diver) dives.

    Do the following:

    • Click on the download toolbar button to bring up the dive computer download menu.
    • Click on the “Advanced Settings” button to reveal the advanced download settings.
    • Scroll down to the “Tag to Diver” section.
    • Select the diver that you want to associate the downloading dives to.
    • If you need to create a new diver, you can do this by clicking on the “Create New Diver” button.
    • Continue to import the diver

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