Issues with connecting with bluetooth

    Based on experience with the Suunto D5, the following issues have been reported. Most of the issues are typical bluetooth problems that apply to any device.

    It is important that your Mac and dive computer are successfully paired in order for Apnealizer to be able to download dives. Pairing is attempted the first time you try to download dives with the bluetooth option in Apnealizer. The D5 can only be paired with one device at a time, so if your dive computer is paired with another device, then the download will fail.

    Downloading dives via bluetooth is slow. It is therefore recommended that you use USB the first time you download from your dive computer.

    Timeout issue

    Sometimes Apenalizer loses connection with your dive computer or the dive computer does not answer. This results in a timeout error message.


    This seems to happen more often just after a dive computer has been newly paired. If this happens a lot, then we have found restarting Apenalizer helps.

    We have also found that this happens more often when the last dive being downloaded.

    When you have used your dive computer with another device (like a mobile) and then want to use it with your Mac again

    If you have used your dive computer on your Mac, then with another device (like a mobile or another computer) and then you want to use it on your Mac again. Then it is very important that you remove/forget/un-pair any device from both your dive computer and your Mac.

    On your Mac remove your dive computer from the device list in the bluetooth settings like this:

    1. On your Mac goto the System Preferences dialog
    2. Select Bluetooth icon
    3. Find your dive computer in the Devices list, select it.
    4. Remove the dive computer from the list by pressing the X symbol.

    On your D5 remove any paired device like this:

    1. Select menu: General->Connectivity->Forget Mobile.

    This must be done whenever you use your dive computer on another device and then go back to using it with Apnealizer on your Mac.

    When using your dive computer with your Mac for the first time.

    Before you connect your dive computer to your mac for the first time, make sure that your dive computer has not been connected to any other device. Do this by making it “forget” any other device. On the D5 it’s Menu: “General->connectivity->Forget mobile”.

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