Water Density Calibration

    Get the correct depth when your dive computer can't calibrate for water type


    It is now possible to manually calibrate any dive with a water density factor. Why? Because if you dive with a saltwater calibrated dive computer in fresh water, your dive computer will show a depth error of around 1 meter every 40 meters. Apnealizer can simply correct this error by adding a density factor to the depth. Since some dive computers do not include the option to change the water type (like Suunto) or if you forget to set it, this feature has been well over due.

    Apnealizer calibrates the dive in a non-destructive way. That is, The re-calculation is displayed to the user but the re-calculated values never overwrites the original recorded values. This means that it is easy to change and revert any set values without any destructive calculation error.

    • To calibrate, select the dive(s) you what to set a calibration.
    • Right/Control click the selected dives to bring up the context menu.
    • Select the menu item “Water Density Calibration” to display a dialog.
    • Select a predefined value from the drop down box.
    • For advanced users, you can enter a value manually.

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