Apnealizer for Windows is now available

Apnealizer for Windows is now available

Apnealizer is finally available for Windows! This has been a long journey with many challenges and a lot of nights and weekends spent to get it working. I hope that it will be well received by the Windows freedivers out there!

The Windows version of Apnealizer is available in Microsoft Store here. (Direct store link here if you are reading this on a Windows computer)

The reason MS Store is used is because the payment and licensing service used for MacOS is not available for Windows. This also means that the licensing model is different on Windows. When you have downloaded Apnealizer form MS Store all features are available except that the downloaded dives will never be saved. In order to enable the save dives feature, a subscription need to be bought. I know that this is not peoples favorite model (I personally hate subscriptions) but it’s the only way that is available in MS Store where I can get payed for adding new features continuously.

Note that if the subscription expires, all of your dives will still be available for browsing and analysing etc.

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