Apnealizer release 3.1

Apnealizer release 3.1

Release 3.1 of Apnealizer is available now! This is mainly a maintenance release with some minor bug fixes and support for some more dive computers. I was hoping to get more into this release but I have spent a large amount time this year to get Apnealizer working on Windows which is a very slow and painful process.. to be continued..

A short list of changes can be found in the change log, or just keep reading!

New Dive Computers

Sporasub SP2 (and possibly OMER UP-X1 )

sp2 Last year I bought a Sporasub SP2 second hand inorder to get it working with Apenalizer. After a lot of reverse engineering thanks to Jef Driesen at https://libdivecomputer.org and some testing from my side, we got this baby to work! It’s not a dive computer I would recommend to a competitive freediver, but it does have some interesting features like a pulse belt to measure your heart beat. Apnealizer can of course plot the heart beat together with everything else. sp2-profile I am pretty sure that the actual hardware is the the same as the Omer-UP-X1(just different branding) so it would be interesting if somebody with this dive computer could test this.

blue-link With this device you can download your dives via bluetooth if you own a Mares Smart Apnea. As with all bluetooth devices, the download speed is very slow compared to usb. So if you use this device, make sure that you select the download option “Import new dives only (recommended)” so that you only download the newest dives.

A note about updates and licensing

When you buy a license of Apnealizer you can use the application for as long as you want, this is not a subscription that you need to renew every year. With a purchase, you are entitled to one year of updates. After one year you need to renew the license which costs about half price of the current full price. This is done from within the app in the menu “Apnealizer->Renew License…” Although this price plan will not make me a millionaire, I think that it is a fair deal.

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