Apnealizer release 5

Apnealizer release 5

Apnealizer release 5 is now available with lots of new features and a new dark look! Available for both Windows 10 & 11 and MacOS.

New overlay - Speed peaks and dips

sp2 The “Time vs Depth” graph now has an overlay that marks and counts the speed peaks and/or dips. This is great for when analyzing FIM or CNF dives as it gives a great overview of pull/stroke density, count and efficiency.

Locations Page

sp2 The location page summaries all of your dive locations as cards on one page which gives you a very effective overview. Here it is possible to edit location details such as gps values, dive site parameters, personal notes etc. More details to come here in future releases.

Garmin Mk2 & 3 support

Full support of usb download with Garmin Decent Mk2 and Mk3

Smart Gps Location handling

Dive computers such as the Garmin Decent devices saves gps location together with the dives. This allows Apnealizer to automatically match dives with dive locations in the location page. Apnealizer will also detect new locations and help the user create them.

Event Boards

Event boards are “dashboard” pages that display events (such as training periods or competition events) as graphical items like graphs, tables and informative widgets. Event boards are 100% configurable with graphical items in order to convey easy-to-digest information. An event board can to be used during the period of the event in order to easily track progress. It also serves as a snapshot of past completed events that are easy to browse back on. Event boards are 100% configurable by the you! sp2 sp2 sp2

For Mac users If you purchased an Apnealizer license within 12 months from now, then you can update to Apnealizer 5 without extra costs. If your purchase is older than 12 months, then you need to buy a new license at a discount cost from within the app via the Apnealizer menu.

For Windows users If you have a valid subscription, then you can update Apnealizer through Microsoft Store

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